Cougar Gold Cheese

Cougar Gold Cheese

Cougar Gold Cheese

What Does Cheese Have To Do With Family History?

This is a question I have long asked myself, and one day, it became apparent that I fell in love with the story of the life of my grandparents. For instance, what is more enticing than to hear that my grandfather, Charles Prouty, was a distinguished bacteriologist at Washington State College (now WSU) in Pullman, Washington during the 1940’s and helped develop canned cheese?  He served in France during WWI in 1917, and he and his fellow comrades most likely experienced hunger and stress during that conflict.  This set the seed for future food security!

And what do I mean by this? When WWII started in 1939, he and his team decided to develop a quality food, which was scarce, to feed U.S. troops deployed in Europe and elsewhere. After extensive experimentation with various moulds and bacteria, often set in caves around town of all places, they developed a wonderful canned product called Cougar Gold Cheese, which is now world famous and has put tiny Pullman, Washington on the map!

It is stories like this that enticed me to set up Legacy Family Films. I just wish that I had recorded him speaking about those days when he was alive, but he passed on in 1979. How wonderful it would have been to hear his challenges, fears, and successes during those early days all those decades ago!  But for you, it is not too late to record the stories of your family!  Saving their history, either through audio or video documentaries, can preserve their stories that can be passed on to your children and future generations.  You too, can fall in love with your heritage, just like I did!


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