How Do You Learn About Your Family History?

Does watching genealogy based television programs such as “Bio” and “Who Do You Think You Are?” inspire you to discover your place in history? Legacy Family Films can find out information about your family going back many generations by doing professional genealogical and archival research, I can help you create your first family tree!

  • Doing this research used be challenging and time consuming. But, with the explosive growth of historical records and genealogical databases online, Dr. Guy Prouty, your Personal Historian, can research your history online. Most noteworthy is that is comprehensive and easy to use. 
  • With all of the data found, you can create a family tree with many advance storytelling functions on your computer using ancestry’s Family Tree Maker software, which is synchronized with your family tree online. I am glad to instruct you how to do effective research using both services.
  • In addition, using your laptop, cell phone, or tablet, discover the joy of becoming addicted to finding out the tidbits about all of your relatives!

With your historic data in hand, I can create a beautiful multi-media film production or a fascinating printed storybook about the historic legacy of your family.  This can be shared and passed down from generation to generation as a time honored gift.

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