The Gallery


Here is a selection of my historical video biographies and related videos on archaeology in North America

A History of the Prouty Family


This is a sample of a video biography I created with Mrs. Shawnle Jones, a schoolteacher from Nampa, Idaho. In this clip, Shawn is fascinated by the Prouty family history and the role 19th century ancestors played in settling the United States and the American West. Her interview is followed by a sample of the fascinating stories of the Prout legacy shared by her aunt and uncle in Arlington, Washington.

Archaeology in a Box

I edited this video production about a 5000 year old archaeological site found along the banks of the Ohio River in West Virginia was about to be destroyed by dam construction. This is the story of how archaeologists excavated the site prior to construction and what we learned about the prehistoric peoples who lived there.

Quivira: Conquistadors on the Plains

This is a story of Spanish Conquistadors in early 17th century Kansas! I served as a Cameraman and Assistant Field Producer.

A Journey Through Time: Archaeology at St. Johns

In the early 19th century, native Chinookan people of the lower Columbia River near Portland, Oregon lived in huge plank houses at a settlement we now call the St. Johns Site. The site and much of the rich wetlands that supplied the people with a bounteous food supply now are buried beneath thick fill and urban facilities. This video describes this now vanished lifeway and takes you inside an archaeological excavation that is shedding new light on the complex society of the first Portlanders.