Pricing of Video Biographies, Storybooks, Genealogy and Family Trees, Scanning  and Video Transfer Services*

For a free pricing consultation about these services, please contact Legacy Family Films and I will quickly respond back to you.

*Scanning, film and video transfer services for video biographies are extra. Please see below for costs.



Descriptions Of Services and Benefits

  • Screening Session: To get off to a great start, I will meet with you for a brief question and answer session, and this is done informally in your home, a coffeeshop, or a place of your choosing.  It’s a chance to get to know one another and for me to access your needs and to prepare for my personalized planning and coaching.
  • Personalized Planning and Coaching: I will talk with you at depth to learn what stories you want to share.  To help you remember what memories you may have forgotten, I will provide you prior to our scheduled interviews a Legacy Family Films Questionnaire sheet with a set of topics ranging from your childhood to senior years.  Once you get started, it can be an enjoyable experience!
  • Genealogical Research on Ancestry:  You can sign up for a 30 day free trial of Ancestry, which is the industry’s leading service where you can search global records on internet databases and build your family tree!  During this trial period, I will help instruct you how to conduct your research, as well as provide you links to other websites that may assist you in your quest of your family treasure!
  • Audio and Video Recording: I will record your interview with both a camera and an audio recorder.  If you wish to have more than one camera for recording you at different angles and positions, then I will use two digital cameras at extra charge. 
  • Digital Interviews: On the day(s) of our interview, I will  setup the filming location in the comfort of your home and display how the camera, lights, and microphone systems operate, and go over how I will interview you based on the answers you provide me in your questionnaire.  But don’t worry, I will be handling all of the technical stuff and all you need to do is sit back and enjoy talking! The digital interviews will last between four and eight hours, and will last a day or more depending on your comfort level.
  • Scanning Historical Photos: I will gladly scan your historic photos, slides, and mementos in my office. However, for an extra fee, I can scan them In the security of your home.  Please see below the details on the charges for this service.
  • Editing Damaged Historic Photos: Do you have damaged or deteriorated photographs or slides that you want restored?  Using Photoshop, I will bring those memories back to life through basic color correction and fixing minor blemishes.  Extra fees are charged for beautifully restoring heavily damaged photos.
  • Professional Musical TrackDuring the editing of your biography, I will provide a pleasant stock audio track of background that will please you, or you may choose your own. Or, if you wish for specialized musical tracks, then I can also provide these for additional fees. 
  • Illustrated DVD Menus:  Creating visually creative DVD menus are offered for all three packages.
  • Additional Master Copies of DVD’s: A minimum of two master copies of the DVD package are offered to you.  Additional copies are extra.
  • Web Streaming VideoTo share your historical legacy with your family and friends, I will upload the completed video production to YouTube, or if you have another service such as Vimeo or Wistia, then I will be pleased to upload them there. Please note that uploading to these services will require several hours.
  • Running Time: Starting at the Beginning Story Teller level, the total running time is 45 minutes, and for longer productions up to two hours, will require extra fees.
  • Printed and Bound Storybooks: Custom designed storybooks is another great way to preserve and share your history. For the more advanced packages, I would be pleased to work closely with you to provide this service. Please see Storybook for the full details.


Scanning Prices (Per Image)

Up To 8”x10” Prints and 35 mm Slides


150      $1.00

300      $1.50

600      $2.00

*Minimum charge for in-home service $75

Film Transfer Prices

Legacy Family Films can transfer your regular and Super 8mm, 16mm, 35mm films to digital, typically the H264, MP4 format.

Services Include inspecting, cleaning, and splicing and repairing cracked and damaged footage, color and contrast corrections, stabilizing shaky and vibrating images, a printed DVD disk with a custom made menu, and a sturdy storage case.  Each DVD will hold a maximum of two hours of footage and service does not include editing.

Pricing is based on linear footage of film and reel size:

  • 3-inch reel = 50 feet = about 3-4 minutes   $20
  • 5-inch reel = 200 feet = about 15 minutes   $60
  • 7-inch reel = 400 feet = about 30 minutes $100

Transfer of VHS Tapes to DVD’s:

  • 1-2 tapes @ $36.95
  • 3-6 tapes @ $29.95
  • 7+ tapes  @ $24.95

There is an additional charge of $10 per disk if the videotape requires more than one DVD.


Refund Policy

My goal is to always please you and service you!  If, for whatever reason, you are unhappy with my service and products, then I offer a full refund with no questions asked.  Simply contact me and I will refund your purchase right away.