Dig Up Those Old Photos, Films, and Mementos!

Your old photos, slides, film, and VHS videos are treasurable, but they deteriorate over time and can become ruined. If not taken care of, they may end up in the trash. No longer will you be able to pass the stories behind them on to your family. This would be a tragedy, don’t you think?

Let Legacy Family films scan and convert your memorabilia to digital format so that they can be shared on the Internet such as Facebook, Slideshare, and Youtube, used in your historical video biography, or in your custom designed storybook.

In-Home Scanning Service 

Rather than coming to me to scan your photos, I am glad to come to your home with my high quality flatbed scanner and auto feeder. I will quickly scan your photos and slides in the comfort of your home.

Pickup Service

I am also happy to pickup your photos, videos, and films and bring them to my office for processing. Once I finish scanning them, I will promptly return them to your home. 


To help speed up service, it’s best for you to write the subject/people, location, and date lightly on the back of your photos and/or slides with an acid-free photo marking pen or soft graphic pencil. Please avoid using ball-point and felt-tip ink pens because they will smear and deteriorate your images. For videos and films, label them by number and record them along with subject information and dates on a matching piece of paper. You can also create a database if you prefer. 

Place all of them in envelopes or small boxes for quick and easy scanning. To avoid additional costs, please remove photos from any albums, or else it will take additional labor to remove them and place in my auto feeder. If they cannot be removed from their photo pages, they can still be digitized, but only scanned and cropped one at time on my flatbed scanner.


You can choose a variety of different resolution (quality) levels starting with 150 DPI (dots per inch), 300 DPI, and moving up to 600 DPI, which is the highest industry standard.

Your printed photos will look great when enlarged and are well suited for display.

Free Image Processing

My high quality scanner is able to automatically correct for brightness, contrast, and color at no additional cost. Extra charges will apply for photo restoration services, including rectifying fading, discolorations, tears, cracks, and blemishes. Please contact me for the appropriate charges.


Your images, videos, and films will be stored on a DVD disk with a hard plastic storage case and printed label. Each disk is $25.

The photos will be in JPG digital format, and the videos/films will be MPEG4 format. They then can be easily copied to your computer, digital format displays, and the Internet. I can also store your photos online for an additional fee.

Click here or phone (541) 688-1139 to arrange for photo, slide, and film scanning/transferring services.