You Have A Story To Tell!

Memories are precious and they are a part of your heritage. To preserve and celebrate the things that makes your family distinctive and special, Legacy Family Films creates custom made documentary films. Most of all, they are about who you are and what stories and wisdom you can share.  With a thoughtful and inspirational video, your legacy can be passed down to those you love from one generation to the next before it’s too late due to passing on and remaining silent.  Your children and grandchildren will be thankful for receiving this timely gift highlighting your heritage, traditions, and values.

  • Your film can be preserved on DVD disks and streamed on the Internet.
  • I will assist you with your genealogical research and conduct inspirational interviews that bring up long forgotten memories that you can share with the world.

Prior to doing an interview on film, I will provide you with a Family History Questionnaire in advance. It will ask questions about your parents, grandparents, and other ancestors, your memories, values, beliefs, and life events.  Furthermore, it covers topics that your children and grand children will find of interest.

Then, during our interview sessions, I will use the questionnaire and your genealogy as guide maps to create a very relaxing and pleasant interviewing atmosphere in the comfort of your own home.  As a result, we can create a beautiful and dynamic story together. 

To see an example, see this short clip of Mrs. Shawnle Jones sharing the story of her history.

To learn more and for a free consultation, contact Legacy Family Films.