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Share Your Life Stories And Oral History!

 Legacy Family Films is dedicated to helping you save your family legacy through video biographies and storybooks

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Use my knowledge of oral history to create beautiful films and storybooks. I am a calm and skilled filmmaker and interviewer, and I work closely with you to inspire you to share your unique story and history with your family and friends.

Old Memories?

Do you have old, fragile photographs, films, slides, and mementos but don’t know what to do with them?

Maybe you have wanted to write your stores and life adventure in a book or create a nice tree of your family history, but don’t have the skills or time to share your legacy with your children or loved ones?

Saving Legacy?

Life is short and protecting the legacy of the memories of those that have passed on can be challenging. Their histories can be respected and honored by your family who will forever cherish them, if you take the appropriate steps.

Thus, how will you pass those stories on to future generations, if not yourself?

Elder Stories?

Grandparents are unique and special people who would love to share the history of their joys, pains, successes, and failure with their families.  They have wonderful lessons that they can pass on to their children and future generations.  Don’t wait to learn from them before they’re gone and it is too late.

Thus, consider giving them a gift of a legacy family film or a storybook!  But how do you do this?

Zumwalt, Lane County, Oregon

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